AirBlue Sharing Brings Bluetooth Feature to iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPhone

AirBlue Sharing Cydia tweak brings basic Bluetooth feature to iPad Mini Retina, iPad Air, iPhone and iPod Touch. Now users can receive and sends files over Bluetooth…

AirBlue Sharing finally updated for iOS 8.1.2 that is fully compatible for iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPhone with ARM-64 iDevice support. The developer Eric has recently updated it and tweeted about the updated on Twitter.

AirBlue Sharing iOS 8.1.2 is the paid tweak that will cost you $4.99 for life time update and support. The tweak can be found on BigBoss repository.

But, if you don’t wanna pay anything for this tweak, you can install it from HackYouriPhone repo source that offer it as free. But, its a version that doesn’t have any support, but works fine as per the report.

AirBlue Sharing iOS 8.1.2

Just open Cydia app and tap on Manage, go to Sources and tap on Edit button. Finally tap on Add button and add HackYouriPhone Repo Source.

Once you have added HackYouriPhone Repo source, return to Cydia and look for “AirBlue Sharing”. Make sure and install iOS 8.1.2 compatible version.

I would love to fix the issues that have been occurred during the installation or usage. Just leave a comment with one or two lines…

15 Best Apps iOS 8.1.1 – iOS 8.1.2 From Cydia App Store

Cydia app store is a paradise of apps. You can get everything, what you want. For the new user and of course experienced user also search for the best tweaks from this app store. Until today, there was no option to find out top iOS 8.1.2 tweaks, but now you can download everything which is best from here.

The sea of apps is responsible for jailbreak iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Air, iPad Mini and all iDevices that run on iOS. Large number of daily updated apps attract new users to jailbreak their firmware. These tweaks are compatible for iOS 8.2, 6.1.x, 5.1.x and all former firmwares.

Normally the first action of a new jailbreak user would be finding the best apps out there on Cydia app store and this is absolutely normal. We all wanna best out of best. But, the best stuff should be on right place and right time. Nobody looks for outdated downloads.

Apple would release iOS 8.2 in 2015. The craze is increasing from now onward for iOS 8.2 apps, because iOS 8.2 Jailbreak is gonna release soon. More and more developers are now developing tweaks for iOS 8.2.

Without any doubt, we can give one name for the best Cydia source out there on app store and that is BigBoss. The name is perfect for the source as it is really Big-Boss. It released numerous tweaks everyday and most of the apps are outstanding. So, without wasting time, we should move to those great hacks.

1 Winterboard: If you have jailbroken your iOS device for custom themes, then Winterboard and Dreamboard are for you. Both of these tweaks are for theme customization. You can change themes, icons and of course wallpapers in just a moment.

Winterboard is developed by Saurik. He is a creator of Cydia, Winterboard and many other great apps and tools for jailbreak iOS and of course of Android too. The large number of jailbreak users love to download and use Winterboard. You can say, it is the best app that has changed the way of iPhone look. It is fully compatible for iPod Touch and iPad Air, Mini too. Winterboard is one kind of theme installer.

2 While Dreamboard is one step ahead from Winterboard. You need to respiring to install themes on Winterboard, whereas Dreamboard allows you to install themes without respiring or restart. It is the revolution of the Winterboard. Dreamboard is new generation app that works on almost every iDevice.

3 Activator: Home button is the only physical button on iPhone or iPod Touch. You can use it to close open apps, switch between active applications and control music and videos. Activator adds a lot more features to Home button. It simply power up your home button and give you more control on your iPad or iPhone. Activator is one of the best and must have Cydia app.

4 Zyphyr: The name suggests that Zyphyr is completely different from others and unique Cydia application. However, Zyphyr also works similar to Activator. So, if somehow, you don’t wanna use Activator, use Zyphyr. It also gives more power to Home button and adds intuitive gestures. User can close any active app by longer swipe up and go to previous opened app by swipe left and just like that user can get a lot more features.

5 Intelliscreen X: Most of the experienced jailbreak users always install Intelliscreen X after purchasing or updating new iPhone or iPad. Reason is simple, they need accurate notifications at the right time. Intelliscreen X adds a new series of lock screen widgets. This Cydia app is the best lockscreen app. You can put Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and a lot more widgets to your lock screen. A truly must have app for every jailbreak user.

6 PKGBackup: I would say without any doubt that PKGBackup is the app in which I fall in love. PKGBackup allows you incredible backup solution. It allows you to backup your contacts, calendar entries, events, Installed Cydia apps and even SHSH blobs that every jailbreak user should save on a separate device to restore, upgrade or downgrade their iOS firmware.

Classical features make it a must have Cydia app. Without wasting a single second, I would recommend this premium Cydia tweak. PKGBackup is compatible for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Air, iPad Mini. Its a jailbreak app, so, you have to jailbreak your device in order to install it.

7 iFile: As we are talking about best Cydia apps, I would include only the top tweaks here. iFile truly able to get the number in the top 10 of this jailbreak apps list. iFile is one and only file manager app that gives numerous features.

Do you wanna download links from Safari, you need iFile. Do you wanna manage files and folders on your system, you need iFile. Its truly a great file manager for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It can rename, edit, delete and create files and even allows user to install Cydia packages without any restriction.

8 iUnlock: It is lock screen tweak. iUnlock adds eye catching animation to the lockscreen. You can unlock your screen many ways. It is developed under BigBoss repo and it cost your $0.99. Its clean, simple, yet wonderful lockscreen Cydia app.

9 BiteSMS: This is the best message app that can seriously replace your built in message app. This Cydia app has numerous message features that perhaps you are missing in built in message app. You can download BiteSMS for free.

10 WhatsApp UnlimitedMSG: This is a Jailbreak tweak that works as WhatsAPP addon. You must install WhatsApp to make it work. It simply allows you to send WhatsApp message to unlimited number or contacts. You can select multiple contacts at once and send them message in a single button. Its free tweak that works with WhatsApp.

11 iBlacklist: It is 100% free firewall Cydia app that blocks iMessages, Facetime, SMS, MMS and even Calls. iBlacklist is one of the best Cydia tweaks for iPhone.

12 AppCake: Do you have used Installous ever? If yes, then you already knew that Installous is no more available, because is dead this year. AppCake is the best alternative to Installous and a great source to get thousands of apps. AppCake has separate versions for iPhone and iPad users. iPad users can use AppCake HD for free.

13 Poof: It is really cool Cydia application. It doesn’t require any description, because it simply stands out from other tweaks based on performance. Poof allows jailbreak users to hide applications from springboard. If you don’t wanna let other to see any particular app, just hide it with Poof. And after all, its free.

14 iAP Cracker: Do you wanna download Apple app store paid applications for free? iAP Cracker claims to convert all those paid apps to free for you. It simply redirect buy page and redirect user to download application page. Its fun to have some great app for try, before purchase.

15 ProTube: Its another Cool YouTube app that has great feature. It allows user to download, save and watch YouTube videos in HD quality. If you wanna download only music from any video, you can do it too.


There is really difficult task to find out the best stuff out there from Cydia, because its large app store and there are many applications deserve the title for the best app.

However, I have tried my best. If you think that this list is incomplete, then please comment and suggest for edit. Have nice jailbreak day!

Download WhatsPad: Now Install WhatsAPP on iPod Touch, iPad Air, iPad Mini

WhatsPad Download. It allows jailbreak users to install WhatsAPP iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPod Touch compatible version easily without any further settings or tweaks. The simplest way to get Whats App on your iPad…

 WhatsPad creates opportunity to install WhatsApp on iPad and iPod Touch. Basically, the developers of WhatsApp don’t wanna support iPad and iPod Touch. So, iPad and iPod Touch users have to tweak to install WhatsApp on iPad Air, iPad Mini or iPod Touch.

WhatsPad is a simple jailbreak tweak that enables WhatsAPP to install on iDevices that doesn’t exist in the supported iDevice list of the developers. Now, the main thing, WhatsPad is a free jailbreak tweak which can be install easily on iPad and iPod Touch from jailbreak store.

ModMyi is the repo source that has WhatsPad stored. Now, you just need to open Cydia and point your iPad or iPod Touch to the WhatsPad and install it. You don’t have to download WhatsPad externally, just install it from Cydia app.

After install WhatsPad, you have to download WhatsApp on your MAC or Windows computer and install it on your iPod Touch, iPad Mini or iPad Air using iFunBox or any other file managers like SynciOS or iTools.

Many users recommends SynciOS whereas iTools is also a good iPad file manager at the moment. If you found any error, let us know, we would try to fix your issue…

Our comments would be always open. Just type WhatsPad and How to install WhatsAPP on iPad, iPod Touch

AppCake Download Repo Source: Install iPAStore on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Air, Mini

AppCake Download the best jailbreak apps in form. Now you can install all apps for free on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Mini, Air…

Finally, Evad3rs team has released iOS jailbreak. It is being said that EvasiOn would be compatible and untethered for iOS 8.1.2 too. But, who knows what happens tomorrow. The jailbreak has been released, but most of the Cydia apps like AppSync, Winterboard and Cydia itself not working properly.

So, now the time is to download and install good paid apps for free. AppCake is perfect choice for that. AppCake+ requires AppSync. App Sync is the plugin for such apps including InstallOus, iAP Cracker, Zeusmos, vShare and other Cydia apps. Don’t forget to install App sync, before installing AppCake otherwise it won’t work.

What is AppCake

iPhoneCake Repo Source is the developer of this jailbreak app that is a great alternative to InstallOus too. User can find a lot of applications from their app store and AppCake is the source from where you can install them.

How to Install AppCake

As I said before, it requires App Sync plugin. Additionally, you should install latest Cydia Substrate from official repo source. Cydia substrate is the app which is renamed from Mobile Substrate. Once you get both of these plugin support, follow below steps to install AppCake on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad Mini, iPad Air etc.

1 Add Repository: Open Cydia application, tap on “Manage” and then tap on “Sources”. You need to add repository, so, tap on “Edit” and then tap on “Add”. Add below repository source to your sources list.

Add it anyways and proceed to next step.

2 Search the App: Tap on Sources and tap on the iPhoneCake repo that you have added just before in the first step. Search “AppCake iOS 8.1.2” or “AppCake+”. On iPad, HD version works just fine.

3 Installation: You will get the installation page, tap on “Install” button from the top left corner. That’s it. Cydia installer will download the package from the AppCake repo and install it on your iDevice.

Quick Review

AppCake is one of the best alternative for InstallOus. It has large database and the good combination of themes, tweaks and applications.

AppSync iOS 8.1.2 is must have app to make it work properly. I would say again that it won’t work without this plugin.

Comment, if you get any issue or query.

Kuaiyong Download and install Free Apps [No Jailbreak Required]

Download Kuaiyong English version, it allows user to install apps for free of cost. Its available for iPhone, iPad, Mac OS X and Windows PC.

Install Kuaiyong and you can install free and paid app store apps without jailbreak or no Cydia on iPhone 5S, iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPod Touch. The developers claim that it works without jailbreak or computer with no jailbreak.

If you have brought new iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad Air or iPod Touch, most probably, you wouldn’t jailbreak it during warranty period. Its different thing that you would jailbreak iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad later on after warranty period expired. But, still you wanna get InstallOus alternative app that does the same job what InstallOus does for jailbroken iDevice. Download Kuaiyong, its the best alternative to InstallOus and does everything whether you have jailbreak or no jailbreak.

After download Kuaiyong, you have to install it on your computer. It allows jailbreak users to install multiple paid apps for free on your iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPhone or iPod Touch, I’m talking about jailbreak users. Its a great thing for jailbreak users that kuaiyong is available for them to test paid apps before considering buying.

Suppose, you don’t decide to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad, you would still able to install free apps on your iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPod Touch without jailbreak, because it doesn’t require jailbreak. The best part is, you don’t need AppSync to install these apps using Kuaiyong.

Unfortunately at the moment, Kuaiyong is available only in Chinese language and Kuaiyong English version is under development. We are hoping that Kuaiyong developer team would release English translation in 2015.

Kuaiyong is available for Windows PC, MAC OS and iDevices. PC and iDevice versions can be downloaded and install directly from their website. Kuaiyong users can install free app store apps even without creating Apple ID. So, if you don’t have Apple ID, you still can install free apps, games and game software without Apple ID or no Jailbreak.

But suppose, if you wanna install paid iPA file, you need to jailbreak before using or install those iPA file using Kuaiyong on your iPod Touch, iPad Mini, iPad Air or iPhone.

25PP, Zeusmos and AppCake are the best alternative to Kuaiyong English version, take a look on them too…

iAPCrazy iOS 8.1.1 – iOS 8.1.2: Get Paid In App Purchases For Free

iAPCrazy iOS 8.1.1 allows jailbreak user to get paid in-app purchases for free. iAP Crazy cracks in app purchases and redirect the user to installation page…

After jailbreak, the most users find in-app purchase cracker. There are couple of Cydia apps available on the jailbreak store that allows user to crack down in-app purchases. With the time, iOS apps also become more secure to prevent these iAP Cracker.

Well, there is another edition to the iAPCracker and its iAPCrazy. iAP Crazy is new, but claims successful hack for most of the popular games and apps. We’re hearing from the users and commenters that iAPCrazy is capable to crack Hay Day and Clash of Clan type games too.

iAPCrazy is a jailbreak tweak that works with the combination of AppSync. If you’re on iOS 8.1.1 or newer firmware, you need AppSync iOS 8.1.1 to make iAPCrazy work properly. As it is jailbreak app, you need to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini or iPod Touch first.

I’m too surprise that iAPCrazy works better than iAPFree and LocaliAPStore. This tiny in-app purchase cracker available on Cydia store for free. I’ve found it on SinFul repo source.

Before trying iAP Crazy, I would suggest to install AppSync latest version on your iPad or iPhone, otherwise iAPCrazy won’t work properly.

How to Install OpenAppMkt Cydia Without Jailbreak iOS 8.1.1 – iOS 8.1.2

Do you have upgraded to iOS 8.1.1, you can install OpenAppMkt Cydia without jailbreak your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Air or iPad Mini…

Is it really possible to install OpenAppMkt Cydia without jailbreak? Does Open app mtk Cydia installer work like actual installer? What is all about this? Simply, no!!!


Cydia is jailbreak app that can be used, if you have jailbreak your iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPod Touch or any iDevice that run on iOS firmware. Actually, jailbreak removes all the restrictions made by Apple to the iOS firmware and Cydia tweaks extends functionality of iOS firmware. It depends on you, which tweaks you’re using.

Whereas OpenAppMkt is open app mkt means market that is nothing but web html app store. OpenAppMkt has a large database of web apps that runs on iDevices with internet connection. OpenAppMkt apps don’t extend or increase functions of your iDevice. Actually, only Open app mkt games were too popular.

Download OpenAppMkt Cydia

There were few members on OpenAppMkt app store who have created Cydia web app that can be installed from Open app mkt store. However, it was completely different from actual jailbreak Cydia installer. You can’t install Cydia tweaks or anything.

If you wanna download OpenAppMkt Cydia installer, you have to open their website from your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Mini or iPad Air and download OpenAppMkt Cydia on your springboard.

On their website, tap on “Install OpenAppMkt” and add it on your home page. Again open OpenAppMkt installer and search Cydia and add it to your homepage. That’s it.

Update: Since last week, OpenAppMkt gives application error and none of the apps or games are working properly. It seems like, they are facing application error or hosting issues.

We will update you as soon as we get in touch with OpenAppMkt authors.

iPA Installer iOS 8.1.1 – iOS 8.1.2: Now Install Cracked iPA files Directly on iPhone, iPad

iPA Installer is a Cydia tweak that allows user to install iPA files directly using your iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad Air or iPod Touch, no need to use your PC any more to install apps…

Normally, most of the jailbreak users use SynciOS, iFunBox and iTools 2015 to install iPA files and no doubt, they are easy file manager that allow us to install multiple iPA files at once. But, suppose, you wanna install iPA file on the go, you will need iPA installer that allow you to install iPA apps, games directly from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

iPhone, iPad iPA Installer

Slugrail who have created iPA Installer, is a developer who creates Cydia tweaks. This free tweak, iPA Installer does many things easily on your iPhone or iPad. Once, it has been installed on your iPhone or iPad, you don’t need any external file manager or iPA Installer.

How to Download iPA Installer

iPA Installer is hosted by BigBoss repo source for free. You don’t need to add any additional repo source for install this tweak. However, AppSync is must have Cydia tweak for iPA Installer. Without AppSync, you won’t install iPA files using iPA Installer.

  • Open Cydia app
  • Tap on Search button
  • Type “iPA Installer”, choose it
  • Tap on Install and confirm it
  • Done

If you have any issues installing iPA Installer on your iDevice, you can comment here…

Apex 2 iOS 8.1.1 – iOS 8.1.2 Released for iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad Air

Apex 2 iOS 8.1.2 is released for iPhone 5S, iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPod Touch that allows user to group apps and icons. Download and installation available now…

After a long wait, Apex has been updated with Apex 2 today on jailbreak store. The jailbreak users were searching Apex for at least 6 month after iOS 8.1.2 jailbreak had been released. Now, when Slugrail, the developer of Apex 2 iOS 8.1.2 tweak creator, has updated this most wanted jailbreak tweak, its available for download.

Jailbreak users can install Apex 2 at $2.99 from BigBoss repo source. User can use Paypal or Amazon account to get Apex 2 from Cydia app store. The interesting thing, I would like to share with all of you that Apex 2 crack has been available on HackYouriPhone repo source for free.

Download Apex 2 iOS 8.1.2

How to Download Apex 2 for iOS 8.1.2

Look, Apex 2 is available on jailbreak store on two repository. Officially, BigBoss repo has hosted Apex 2 Cydia tweak at $2.99, whereas HackYouriPhone repo has it and published as free version for iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPod Touch. I would recommend to purchase it from official developer, because it took a long time to update this tweak. Slugrail has really put all his hard work on Apex to update it for iOS, 8.1 and iOS iOS 8.1.2 for iPhone 4.

Suppose, you wanna purchase it, you can tap on search button on Cydia app and type “Apex 2”, and tap on it and tap on purchase button to use Paypal for purchasing. But suppose, you wanna test it without paying anything, you can add HYI repo source and get it at free of cost.


Apex 2 bring group apps feature on iOS 8.1.2. You can add up to four related apps to the main app icon. Suppose, you wanna add related camera apps to the native camera app, you can add photo editing apps and other camera related applications at four sides.

iOS 8.1.2 Apex 2 has various swipe gestures too. Ultimately, Apex 2 has everything that you gets on older Cydia tweak…

Add xSellize & Download Cracked Games, Apps For Free

xSellize is a repo source from where iPhone, iPad users can download games, apps and iPA files for free, you can add it on your Cydia installer…

Have you downloaded apps and game hacks from InstallOus or AppCake? If yes, xSellize is something close to InstallOus. The different is Install0us was app that allows user to download and install apps where xSellize is a repo source that updates user with the latest game hacks, games and a lot more.

Install0us is dead now!, and fortunately, xSellize is available on Cydia that offers same game hacks for free. AppCake is also similar to Install0us and offers separate application for iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPod Touch such as InstallOus, however, xSellize has some great game hacks such as Clash of Clan, Hay Day and iAP Cracker.

Suppose, you wanna download xSellize games, you would have to add xSellize repo source to your Cydia installer. Follow steps to add xSellize repository…

1 Open Cydia app on your iPhone, iPad or whatever iDevice you have to add xSellize repo source.

2 Tap on Manage, there you would see three sections, Packages, Sources and Upgrades. Tap on Sources.

3 Now you’re in Sources section, tap on Edit link which is located at the right top corner and then tap on Add link.

4 Type url in the box and confirm adding xSellize repository. Return to Cydia and that’s it.

Once you have added xSellize repo, you’re ready to download and install all your favorite game hacks, apps and everything that you want.

Comment if you have any issues adding xSellize…