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Top 50 Best Cydia Apps for iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPod Touch iOS 7

Here are top 50 Best Cydia apps, tweaks, themes and games for iOS 7. Jailbreak users must install these hacks on their iPhone, iPad Air or iPad Mini without any issue…

Download PandaApp to Install Cracked Apps for iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPhone

Download PandaApp for iOS 7 and install all the Panda Apps free of cost for iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPhone… PandaApp is the app that can be installed on iOS based iDevices such as iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad Air and Android Based Smartphone. Today, we will talk about PandaApp and specially about Panda Apps for iOS 7 based iDevices. PandaApp is an ultimate source to download thousands of cracked apps, themes and games for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. There are a lot of Panda Apps that got [Read More...]

How to Download iFile For Free to iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad Air

iFile download and install on your iOS 7 jailbreak iDevice for free. It is the best file manager that brings native file manager to the iPhone, iPad Air or iPad Mini… The most complete iPhone, iPad Air and iPad Mini, somewhere, miss the native file manager. iFile fills the gap and make these iDevices complete. iFile is a file manager that is a only option for iPhone, iPad Mini and iPad Air for file management. Once you Download iFile and install it on your iDevice, it allows you to manage [Read More...]

WhatsAPP+ iOS 7 Brings Stealth Mode and Much More New Features

The most awaited WhatsAPP Plus iOS 7 app has been released with couple of suprising features for iPhone. WhatsApp+ brings a lot of cool features to your iDevice. The WhatsApp iOS 7 app was missing a lot of options and features such as Stealth mode, Night mode, Music and video sharing and other essential features. The same features were already have been released for Android app “WhatsApp Plus” and were most wanted features for iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPod Touch that is based [Read More...]

iOS 7 OpenSSH Allows to Connect iPhone, iPad Remotely

OpenSSH iOS 7 Allows users to connect and SSH iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPhone and iPod Touch and lets them connect their iDevice remotely with the password… OpenSSH is must have Cydia tweak to fix major iDevice remotely whether you have iPad Mini, iPad Air or iPhone. OpenSSH iOS 7 allows iDevice users to connect their iDevice to the PC remotely. It is one of the requirement for SemiRestore iOS 7 tool that fixes errors and restore iOS 7 without removing jailbreak. OpenSSH iOS 7 is very [Read More...]

iOS 7 AirBlue Sharing Brings Bluetooth Feature to iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPhone

AirBlue Sharing iOS 7 Cydia tweak brings basic Bluetooth feature to iPad Mini Retina, iPad Air, iPhone and iPod Touch. Now users can receive and sends files over Bluetooth… AirBlue Sharing finally updated for iOS 7 that is fully compatible for iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPhone with ARM-64 iDevice support. The developer Eric has recently updated it and tweeted about the updated on Twitter. AirBlue Sharing iOS 7 is the paid tweak that will cost you $4.99 for life time update and support. The [Read More...]

5 Best Jailbreak Hacks for iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad Air iOS 7 2014

Here are the best Cydia Hacks for iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPhone that can be installed and used on iOS 7 software update. The most awaited and useful jailbreak hacks out there on whole community… Since iOS 7 jailbreak has been released, a lot of new Cydia hacks updated for the new firmware. It includes game hacks, status bar hacks, lockscreen hack, dock bar hack and many others. First, we will see game hacks… iAPFree iOS 7: Do you wanna Cydia game hacks? iAPFree is the best working [Read More...]

Zeusmos iOS 7: Install Cracked Apps, Games for iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini

Are you fan of paid apps, but don’t wanna pay? Many iOS 7 users installing Zeusmos iOS 7 to install popular games and tweaks for iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPhone… Zeusmos is created by uHeliOS and till yet, it is the best jailbreak app that offer most of the popular apps and games for free. It works on iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini and all the iDevices that run on iOS 7. Zeusmos is the best alternative to InstallOus. After shut down of Install0us, Zeusmos got great popularity overnight. [Read More...]

Download RecBoot For MAC OS and Windows PC

RecBoot allows iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPhone and iPod Touch users to put their iDevices into recovery mode in just one click without getting any iTunes errors…. RecBoot can be used to fix iTunes errors while restoring iOS firmware or to get into recovery mode. Its the simplest utility to put your iPad Air, iPad Mini or iPhone into recovery mode in just one click. Its completely free and available for Windows PC, and one for MAC OS. If you are getting iTunes errors such as “iTunes [Read More...]

How to Use iAP Cracker to Get Free In-App Purchases

iAP Cracker is a Cydia app that allows jailbreak users to install free in-app purchases. It is the best iPAStore alternative. There are thousands upon thousands useful paid apps out there in app store. Most of them are most useful, but because of they are paid, most of jailbreak users try to crack them. What is it? iOS 7 iAP Cracker allows jailbreak users to install those paid apps for free. However, its a matter of installation, how you are doing it. AppSync is must for this app. Evad3rs has [Read More...]

How to Install iOS 7 Barrel for Free

Barrel iOS 7 is the best tweak for iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPhone that adds 3D cube style to the springboard icons. There are a lot more styles to choose for your home page scrolling. Barrel is the most famous jailbreak tweak. I have seen many users who have especially jailbroken their iOS 7 iDevice to install Barrel iOS 7. As recently, it was updated for the latest jailbreak iOS 7.0.5. It can be installed on iPad Air, iPad Mini 2, iPhone and all other formal iOS 7 iDevices. iOS 7 Barrel Cydia [Read More...]
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