AppSync iOS 8.1.2 – iOS 8.2: How to Install App Sync – Alternative to PPSync iOS 8.1.2

All major applications requires AppSync. Its a jailbreak app that allows user to install Cydia apps like Install0us, vShare, iAP Cracker, iAPFree, LocaliAPStore and other apps.

It patches the apps and allows user to install .iPA files without connecting to iTunes. It allows users to install files on jailbroken iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Air, Mini 2 etc.

We have seen iOS 8.1.2 compatible best apps and tweaks. AppSync was on the top of them. The reason is, all other Cydia apps requires AppSync. Since, Evad3rs team has released evasi0n7, the developers are working on this key app to make it compatible for iOS 8.1.2.

Actually, AppSync was not working with Evasi0n8, but if you have rejailbreak your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad using Evasi0n8 1.0.1, then you can fix the issue by downloading AppSync iOS 8.1.2 compatible version from official repo source.

This is one of the Cydia app that can be found on numerous repositories including BigBoss, ModMyi. iOS 8.1.2 users need to update or reinstall AppSync for iOS 8.1.2 firmware.

-: Download Evasi0n8 or PanGu iOS 8.0.2, 8.1, iOS 8.2 Jailbreak for Free :-

How to install iOS 8.1.2 Compatible AppSync

Currently, there are many sources where AppSync available for iOS 8.1.2. You just need to jailbreak your iPhone, iPod or iPad and add the repo source to your Cydia. All things can be done within a minute.

1 Do you know how to add Repo source? You need to open Cydia app and just tap or click on Manage button which is located at bottom of the screen.

2 Now, you have many options, tap on Sources and click on Edit and then finally tap on add button.

3 Here, you will need to add repo source for the compatible version of AppSync 8. Below are some of them that you can try one by one. If you got working AppSync app for iOS 8.1.2, stop searching.


4 Above is the list of iOS 8.1.2 AppSync repo source that you can try to search and install.

5 Once you have added above repo, browse that repo source and search for “AppSync iOS 8.1.2” and tap on install button.

That’s it. Done.

Note: Not try to install any other application that was not compatible without AppSync iOS 8.1.2.


If you are facing any error or its not working properly, then let us know. Don’t forget to comment, if it works. Have a nice day.

  • malye

    it works with iHackstore repo source,
    thanks a lot for the app
    iPad Mini 2 iOS, 7.1

    • lucy

      Which device you have, i wanna install App sync on my iphone, how do i?

      • malye

        I’ve iPhone 4S runs on iOS
        you can follow above steps, i have installed by following them easily

  • venisha

    how to install iAP cracker using App sync 7 for iOS 8.1.2?

  • tycoon

    Its working now, thanks for the help

  • mac

    Depends on if the tweak depends on mobile substrate and preference loader I’m pretty sure there’s issues for those two for the 5s I believe I would hold of doing tweaks on the 5s since it’s 64bit
    iOS 8.1.2 iPad Air

  • lora tag

    now i can install any apple app store apps without any issue even any ipa files with the help of appsync ios 7.1
    thanks man
    you did it

  • mark johnson

    Its working after getting Cydia substrate

  • tuttor

    thanks for the update mark, i have now installed it
    Update: Its working and now it works. Thanks for the update for let us know that we need to upgrade Cydia Substrate iOS 8.1.2

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  • john

    I need some please. I keep getting an invalid ipa error message whenever i try to download using appacake. i have already downloaded the appsync 8 but this problem still persist. i have an ipad ios 8.1

  • Senghuo LY

    bitesms is not working.

    • Zara

      try it, it works now

  • Steve

    updated my jb’d 5S from 8.1 to 7.0.6 as soon as read it was breakable. Used itunes to update, then ran evasi0n…… no good. Evasi0n said already jb’d. Then used itunes to do a restore as new [to 7.0.6] Ran Evasi)n and j’b worked. Cydia was successfully installed. Then did a restore to my backup. Then used cydia to install appsync iOS 8.1.2 and a couple other cydia things. None work. No app’s syncing to iphone. Cydia allows me to install apps/tweaks, but they then do not appear on phone. Is it an appsync iOS 8.1.1 issue? [have tried two different version. current one running is that from Appaddict]. Thanks… any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    Please help me to install AppSync iOS 8.1.2
    atlease on iOS 8.1.1 iPad Mini 2

    • mark

      I would suggest to remove AppSync iOS 8.1.2 from your iPhone and all the related apps and tweaks. reinstall all the tweaks again
      this is my advice

    • delta

      You should try installing the afc2add patch which is available from the stock sources

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  • Paul McCartney

    which repo is working? need working AppSync repo for iPad air

  • Morgan

    I didn’t make the program, and I only recommend apps/tweaks to try them out before you buy them.. I am an app developer myself, and I can tell you that exposure is the best thing for us all..!!

    Btw it is the best, but i need alternatives for iOS 8.1.2 atlease
    iPad Air AppSync iOS 8.1.2

  • Neil

    Wanna download and install AppSync iOS 8.1.2.. Need iPA file for it
    can anyone suggest me a repo source for it
    is there any official repo source for it?

  • Eileen Greene

    - Haven’t found any AppSync working with iOS 8.1.1
    (on iPhone 4 GSM, t-jb through smolk’s soft dev pack), yet.

    – Have tried smolk1984’s 7.x, as well as BYA’s, RepoCydia’s, & iPhoneCake’s 7.0+

    Any suggestions to what works on an iPhone 4 with tethered iOS 8.1.1 jb??


    • Edinburgh

      I think you should try HYI repo

      • Eileen Greene

        Oh well, tried that, too, after writing the above, – no difference.
        All of the named AppSync 7.0+ or 7.x don’t seem to effect a sync on iOS 8.1.1.
        And consequently no iAP cracker or IAP crack for iOS7 nor IAPFree
        works either…
        Anyone who has a working combination please post!

        • Zara

          I’m using the working combination
          uninstall your iAPFree or iAP cracker and AppSync whatever you have installed
          first install AppSync from HYI repo source
          install local iAP store or iAPfree from the same repo source

          • Eileen Greene

            Sounded so good, – I tried the whole procedure twice.
            Deinstalled everything, incl. the HYI AppSync, rebooted,
            reinstalled the latter and iAPFree from HYI, rebooted again,..
            – still sends me to the AppStore login.
            Tried the same with local iAP store, with same result.

            Are you really on iOS 8.1.1 on a tethered iPhone 4 jb?
            What am I missing?

          • Eileen Greene


            After trying all possible and impossible combinations of AppSync
            and App Cracker for 7.1 or AppFree, or LocalIapstore.., without success,
            I finally found a working solution, installed in that order:
            (every other of the above named apps & tweaks removed first!)

            -> Appsync for iOS from BYA repo
            -> iAPFree from SiNfuL iPhone Repo
            -> iAPFree PluginPack from SiNfuL iPhone Repo
            -> Mobile Substrate Fix (lau… from BYA repo

            With this, everything works like a charm: )


          • Scott Brooks

            I think every case are different
            anyways, congrats

        • Erick

          You need to get localiapfree it works like a charm

  • Carl John

    I wanna install iAP Cracker that requires app sync, is there any repo sources that have appsync iOS iPhone 4?

  • tingeltangelbob

    is there a working appsync version? i only need appsync nothing ealse

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  • En

    Hi…is there any patched appsync 7.0+ working for ios 8.1 pangu jailbreak ( my device are iPad2 & iPhone 5)… Please let me know the working one as well as the source..thanks in advance

    Note: i already try all the source i know but no luck :(.

    • Kev

      Hi, im having the same problems. Still trying to find one

      • e-en

        please let me know if have found a working app sync please share the sour thank you in advance :)

        • phillip

          Use ppsync :)

        • phillip

          sorry, i meant use appsync unified

    • phyphy

      i also faces the same issue with appsync 7.0+
      It does not sync my apps for those that is not downloaded via AppStore.

  • Jon Doe

    Working ok with AppSync unified

    • en

      what is the source then?

      • POisx-ninja

        Just open cydia and search AppSync unified

    • phyphy

      can share the source?

  • Jaishil

    Error in downloading
    It’s coming preferenceloader
    I hve iPhone 5s wid iOS 8.1.1 working in it

    • Dianna Agron

      try linkstore

  • Julianne

    I don’t know what the problem is but iAp cracker doesn’t work for me even after I installed appsync

  • phyphy

    try using iAP Crazy. it works for me. my only problem now is that my iap crack apps cannot sync to itunes. Anyone faces this issue? I really need help.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Dianna Agron

      iAP Hacks also can be used

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  • phyphy

    anyone have problem with Appsyn? I tried sync my apps to itunes but it cant work.

    • Myname

      Use iFunBox for installing .ipa files not iTunes.

      • aldrin ichon

        i used iFunbox Installing NBA2k14 but it failed. Any Suggestion??

        • Dianna Agron

          try installing iFunbox 2015

          • Eulalio Aguilera Perusquia

            2015??? just 2015 versión has been up

        • Adh@m

          iFunbox doesn’t change the fact you still need Appsync for iOS 8.1.2 which I suppose isn’t released yet!

  • Spencer

    I tried this, is there something I did wrong, please let me know

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  • anirudh

    Thank you! Works Fine :)

  • bjjj


  • Kratostain

    I have an iphone 4 ios 7.1.0 jailbroken using Pangu …. everything is working fine exept for AppSync …. because every time I download an app from vShare .. I try to install it on my device but nothing happens …. i used many sources for AppSync like (Appcake …. APPVV … Repo Cydia ) but its all the same
    …. i wish anyone could help .. and excuse my english !!

  • Vélcis Ribeiro

    Fake edited post, no AppSync for iOS 8.1.2 yet.

  • disqus_S5igQ1vdkd

    Fake edited post, no AppSync for iOS 8.1.2 yet.

  • Ievgenii Moiseenko

    I try to find AppSync for IOS 8.1, but it’s unreal for now(((
    If you find something, pleace, tell!!!

    • AlvaroPaolo

      Try Appsync Unified, ir works in my iPhone 5 but did not work in my 6 plus. Ill tell you whats wrong later. Best Wishes for you.

      • Waleed

        really works fine? i tried alot ! what repo u installed appsync unified from?

      • Onno

        Doesn’t work on IPad 2

  • Remy

    Appsync Unified is working on my ipad mini 1 generation with iOS 8.1.1

    • Umesh Gaire

      Thank you very Much, I guessed it, but haven’t tried till now. I sure that it will work on all ios 8.1

  • mohammed

    Fake edited post, no AppSync for iOS 8.1.2 yet.

  • Bhuvi

    Guys, how to install apps on IOS 8.1 iPad Air 2, I tried ifuntoolbox with AppSync Unified and no go, any other solution

    • Meloun

      Yes, its solution for me, i try install appsync ios 7.0+ but not working install with appcake, so i unistall appsync 7.0+ from cydia and now works with appcake install everything!!!

  • Bhuvi

    I finally got it working, installed appcake, took 2 reboots – then installed an app from appcake, then I could install via ifuntoolbox

  • Nikos

    The guys who are saying thanx and works fine.. Probably are bots or from another planet.. No appsync 8 exists on Cydia

    • Pravin

      so true !!

    • masterblaster

      it does exist bro !

  • bidawi

    Thanks for the invaluable info. Worked like a charm. Cheers.

  • OneDelaX

    It works! Install from apt 178.

  • stickerey

    I have installed AppSync 8 from apt. 178. The unified appsync didn’t work for me, but with the appsync 8 from apt 178 I could install apps downloaded from AppCake successfully. ( and I’m no robot :'[ )

  • Darien Dawson

    I have an iPhone 6 plus Jailbroken on iOS 8.1.1. Oddly enough, I’ve tried AppSync unified for iOS 8.1.2 in several cases: 1. With app sync installed but Without an alternative app provider and only using iTunes (just for kicks and giggles) using downloaded IPA’s, 2. Install with alternative iPhone managers with Appsync installed, and lastly 3. Install with alternative app provider (AppCake) with Appsync installed.

    ALL 3 methods failed (1 to be expected, but 2 and three not expected to fail.)

    However, I have gotten installation to work in a strange and roundabout way. AppSync used with AppCake will not work. IPA installation will fail. But UNinstalling AppSync for iOS 8.1.2 right after downloading IPA through AppCake (or importing through manager) WILL install IPA file. There is a sort of “hiccup” however. The bypass provided by installing Appsync and UNinstalling Appsync is only temporary (apps will stop installing after maybe 2-3 app installs) and Appsync is needed again to be installed and uninstalled for app installation to succeed.

    Again, this worked for me by:
    1. Installing Appsync for iOS 8.1.2
    2. Downloading (or importing) IPA
    3. Uninstalling Appsync
    4. Install using Appcake

  • Rick1234

    I have installed AppSync 8 from apt. 178. The unified appsync didn’t work for me, but with the appsync 8 from apt 178 I could install apps downloaded from VShare successfully.

  • Myke Anderson

    appsync ios 8,1 ???

  • tyler

    apt 178 doesnt work brings back an error code on install of source same with ever other source listed here

  • nowroz

    hi plzzzzzzzzzzz help me i install appsync unified beta in ios 8.1 but didn’t work for me plzzzzzzzz help me

  • Natty Boony

    Today install appsync 8 from apt178 has no problem but did not try to sync yet. But no error after installed.

    • Javier Tapia

      which repo did u use?

  • dan

    appsync works. apt 178.

  • Chris Dege

    apt.178 it’s ok :-)

  • Jorge

    its not working for me the apt.178 :(

  • Carlos

    some apps are not synchronized, any one?

  • Reemy Khalid

    Me too is not working for me after installed the apps :( , it’s generally problems?

  • xom

    Any body can answer if appsync work with ios 8.1 jailbreak? I can’t install ipa! waz up? Any explaination?

  • Remy

    Step1)Delete Appsync from any repo 2) Install AppCake 3) Go to AppCake configuration and select “wi-fi transfer” 4) Transfer all the apps (.ipa) from your pc 5) Finally install it from AppCake.

    • XNuel

      Best and easiest!

  • Rickashu

    Install appsync unified and appcake 4.0 to install apps it works on ios8.1
    Working tested

    • yutt

      wow ! it worked!! installed appsync unified and appcake 4.85 from insanelyi tks rick

      • yutt

        my ipad 3 with ios 8.1.2

  • jeromeo

    hey how to install appsync?

  • jeromeo

    i cant understand the language

    • Remy

      Spanish ?

      • jeromeo

        chinese in the sources

  • Ali Danwer

    Ihackstore has no data and even with appsync for ios8 can’t install a app with vshare after downloading.. What should I do..

  • Ali Danwer

    Plz help I have mail breaked with ios8.1.1 and appeals also installed working fine with appsync unified with biteyourapple source

  • tom

    appsync for IOS 8.1.2 ? thank you.

  • Kheang Senghort

    I was install appSync but i can’t still run any app on iOS 8.1.2.

  • Kheang Senghort

    You have any solution for help me.

  • Profe Navideño

    no me sirve la wea

  • danny

    doesn’t work with any of these sources, none. any other way to get Appsync ios 8.1.2?

  • yutt

    it worked ! on my ipad 3 – Install appsync unified and appcake 4.85 both from insanelyi

    • Hemy

      this guy is not a fake…its truly worked using appcake and appsync from insanelyi. After many attempts and trials from the internet I’ve tried and tested..this one works!!

  • Lwil

    I jailbroke my iPhone 5c using Pangu.. I have tried using all of the sources above and while packages are being unpacked an error pops up.. What do iNeed to do?

    • Michael Edward

      use AppSync unified

      • Lwil

        What source do iNeed to download Appsync Unified from? Biteyourapple? Appcake?