iAP Cracker iOS 8.1.1 – iOS 8.1.2 to Get Free In-App Purchases

iAP Cracker is a Cydia app that allows jailbreak users to install free in-app purchases. It is the best iPAStore alternative.

There are thousands upon thousands useful paid apps out there in app store. Most of them are most useful, but because of they are paid, most of jailbreak users try to crack them.

What is it?

iOS 8.1.2 iAP Cracker allows jailbreak users to install those paid apps for free. However, its a matter of installation, how you are doing it. AppSync is must for this app.

Evad3rs has released Evasi0n8 that jailbreak iOS 8.1.2. It brings a new power to Cydia and all the apps got new life. All the developers and creators are working hard to make iOS 8.1.2 compatible version for their applications.

The developers of iAP Cracker are working hard to make iOS 8.1.2 compatible version. Keep stay with us, we will bring the updates first of all.

How to Install iAP Cracker

Ryan Petrich has updated Appsync iOS 8.1.2 compatible version which is still in beta stage, however, it works on iOS 8.1.2.x too smoothly. iAP Cracker requires AppSync. It will not work without Appsync, so, first of all, install it, before installing iAP-Cracker.

1 Open Cydia and tap on “Manage”. Now, tap on “Sources”. You will need to add iAP repo source to install it.

-: Download Evasi0n8 or PanGu iOS 8.0.2, 8.1, iOS 8.2 Jailbreak for Free :-

2 In Sources, tap on Edit and then “Add” to add the iAP Cracker repo source.

3 Here you need to add iAP Cracker repo source. Add below repository here.


4 Save it and tap on that repository source and search “iAP Cracker for iOS 8.1.2“. Tap on install button.

That’s it. Done

Note: AppSync is must have app for this app. iAP Cracker will not work without it.


iOS 8.1.2 jailbreak is released just now, it will take some time to update iOS 6.x jailbreak apps to iOS 8.1.2. If there is no emergency, try to avoid installation any app that is not fully compatible for iOS 8.1.2.

If you have installed it, report any bug or error here…

Note: AppSync supports iAP Cracker, LocaliAPStore, iAPFree, AppCake, vShare etc.

  • symb

    App sync is working on iOS 8.1.2, iapcracker also installed, how to use it?

  • mark ben

    I wanna download call of duty free of cost, its a app store game and i wanna install it free with this app. Can any one tell me how to use it on iOS 8.1.2?

    • Stefan johansson

      This crook Will be stopped. His major reason to do this,was not to give people free IAPS,his primary goal was to access apple I’d passwords and other personal info.
      You people who used the free IAPS hack when it worked on I devices,should not be surprised if half of Russia buys their apps through your account,using your money.

      • cyco

        Iap free and iap-cracker works still woohoo!

      • PauloCastilhoMC

        How drunk were you when you wrote this?

  • rose

    Didn’t tried yet, but sounds good. i’m also interested to install free inapp purchases. How to download app sync?

  • Michael Tyler

    works on iOS 8.1.2
    With iPad Mini, iPhone 5S 64-bit iOS iDevice

  • Guest

    does it still works?

  • maria goms

    It works, now I confirmed
    i installed cydia substrate 0.9.5000
    added repo and install iapcracker for iOS 8.1.2
    Then i installed AppSync iOS 8.1.2 (without appsync iapcracker won’t gonna work)
    done, since after, i have installed two games

  • kyle

    i downloaded magic 2015 using iap cracker ios 7

  • gyle tom

    can someone list the compatibility list here
    I would be thankful to you, if you do so
    I wanna see the compatibility list to check the best apps that I can install

  • Braxton

    Adobe Photoshop Express works

    I’ve tested it on my iPad Mini 2 and iPad 3

  • michael

    how can i download it? is there any official iAp cracker repo source? i need iPad Air iOS

  • Mozartian

    I added the 2 repos and there’s nothing called “iap Cracker for ios 7″…only the old “iap cracker” which keeps crashing any app when trying in-app purchase

    • Helper

      iAPFree is the combination of iap cracker and IPA installer iOS 8.1.2

  • Guest

    has this worked with Episodes for anyone?

  • Mohammad Omar Younix

    its only working once in any app on my 5s 8.1

  • Paul

    it only work on some apps like dragonvale or dragon island blue or stuff like that. Games like hill climb and clash of clans have too much security to hack

    • PauloCastilhoMC

      Hill Climb Racing got better security now?!? In 2013 I could get tons of cash easily! But Clash of Clans will NEVER get hacked. It’s 100% online, and since IAP Cracker ‘disconnects’ the cracker from the web at the exact moment you ‘purchase’ an IAP, obviously it won’t work there. Neither in Hay Day or any other Supercell game. Most freemium games nowadays are in fact 99-100% online though. Soon, we’ll only be able to crack very few indie games with crappy programming…

      • Higgins

        your always awesome
        absolutely agree with you

        • PauloCastilhoMC


          • Higgins

            your avatar looks cool

          • PauloCastilhoMC

            It’s a Wii Mii from damn 2007. It accidentally appeared there because I logged in with twitter.

          • Higgins

            you’re looking awesome though

  • Jason Parent

    When I try and buy coins in hill climb the app crashes, I don’t know what to do. I also tried re-installing the tweak but nothing

  • Gary

    Hmm..alright. I’ll search around more. I feel like the iOS 8.1.2 jailbreak was released to early, as there are many issues people are encountering.

    • John

      even if i re-install mobile substrate it still wont work on my 5s. also the only tweaks i have installed that work are pandora skips and no passcode block. they released this too early since Cydia substrate isn’t updated for A7 chips.

  • Tyler

    I just need iap cracker list of games
    iPhone 5S and iPad Mini 2 Retina iOS 8.1.2
    Have you any best list of games?

  • Ben

    Thank you very much for your good advice! After reinstalling Cydia Substrate iap cracker iOS 8.1.2 works perfect!

  • Tyler

    I’ve recently upgraded to iOS 8.1.1, I’ve iPad Air and iPhone 5S, How to install iAP Cracker iOS 8.1.1 without jailbreak?

    • PauloCastilhoMC

      I’m sorry to say this, but you need to STOP. Updating without having confirmed that there’s a newer jailbreak for said version is plain suicide. I can’t help but saying that you gotta check daily on Evasi0n jailbreak website for iOS 8.1.1. I’m also waiting for a 7.1 jailbreak and once it’s out, imma update my iPad from iOS 5.1.1 to iOS 8.1.1.

  • Xofah

    I already had this app installed and it worked fine but recently I woke up and the app was unistalled. When I try to reinstall it I get the red error message during the process and the app won’t download. Someone please help me!!!!

    • Elliott

      you should fix it using semi restore iOS 8.1.2

  • Crackl

    Doesn’t work for me. The iTunes pop-up appears every time. Why ?

    • PauloCastilhoMC

      Why? Why, you ask? Grab your wallet, go to the nearest store and buy a paid game for your PC. You don’t do that, do you? Because you’re a typical pirate. And I’ll tell ya something, you need to understand that not everything was meant to be free. Some things need to be bought.
      But you probably didn’t even read half of what I said. Neither did I.
      It’s a f***ed up world we live in.

      • STFU


        • PauloCastilhoMC


      • Undead Heart

        If your so pissed off about it, Why are you even here?

  • PauloCastilhoMC

    This is a lie. IAP Cracker cracks in-app purchases. Not apps. THIS IS ALL A BIG, FAT LIE!

    • Swagfag

      Someone’s pissed

      • PauloCastilhoMC

        That ‘someone’ is me.

        • Carl Benson

          You’re really the best guy, I met ever,
          You’re so genuine and helpful

    • Kiley Johnson

      how to get working in app purchase cracker?

    • jwills

      dude chill just download linkstore and appsync

      • Chris

        AppSync does not work on 7.1, it even says so in the description.

        • Chris

          I mean LinkStore**

          • Mike

            Yes it does I have link store

  • Zara

    iAP Cracker doesn’t work for me on iphone 5s. Neither does iAP free; they worked fine a couple days ago when I had my 4. Oh well

  • Carl Benson

    Can I hack clash of can game using this hacker?

    • Aloneboy

      no hack for clash of clans ,,, they have very very very strong and secured server :) and nobody could till today

      • Marc

        Your crazy go to forum xsellize clash of clan is totally open for all

  • Tom

    8 Ball Pool?

  • http://laurenceeckert.weebly.com/ Laurence Eckert

    How does this work with iOS

  • Jamie Petit

    LocaliAPStore works on iOS, but iAPFree doesn’t. I tested both of them out.

    • Hac

      why mine doesn’t works ??? :(( so sad

      • Rana

        LocalIap store does indeed work for some apps, but it did not work in asphalt 8, garage band , any of the magazines in newsstand.

    • http://laurenceeckert.weebly.com/ Laurence Eckert

      How do I get LocalIApStore to work? Do I need any apps with it?

  • anwar

    i try it in home run battle 3d it didnot work

  • cristi

    not working, NOT WORKING, WITH NOTHING! waste of time at this point we waiting for an functional update

  • KiittyBadd

    I just need free in app purchases please somebody please help me. I’m a girl tryna play her game and I need in app purchases for more lives and freaking stars

  • corncob

    ive got the iphone 4 ios 8.1 jailbroken and running iap free perfect

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  • Isabella

    tried it with my games on iPod 5, iOS 8.1.1 and it is not working for my favourites

  • Rana

    can this be used to get garage band in app purchase?

    • arthur


      • Rana

        Could you suggest me a way to get this garage band and Nat geo magazines for free. Well, to be fair I actually don’t mind spending 5 dollars (300 rs) for unlocking garbage band but the problem is my card is not accepted I don’t know why

        • Mike

          Get link store

  • Caleb

    I wish it could work for battle camp and honorbound

  • Xxhandxx

    I have the iPhone 5s 8.1.1. Keep trying to get the in app purchases and it just kicks me from the game. Any ideas?

    • Me

      Same here

      • Mike

        You have to get a certain type of app cracker. Like, for iOS 8.1.2 look up iap crack iOS 8.1.2. It works for me. It should work with subway surfers too.

        • GAMERS

          Same Here

    • JJOP

      Me too

  • Rich

    Works for me fine

  • zak

    Can this be used to get free audible books, kindle books, etc? what restrictions are there?

  • Corrin

    I have a first generation iPad with 5.1.1 iOS. I was wondering if there is a list for apps compatible with the IAP Cracker for this version? Or are all the apps compatible no matter the iOS?

  • JJOP

    It doesn’t work I play clash of clans with all your steps and still nothing

    • cody

      it doesn’t work for games that are server sided like clash of clans or any games from game loft or big name game makers

  • Chris

    Will it ever work for clash of clans?

    • Supa Hot Poo

      no. clash of clans is server-sided and if you actually do use real money to buy gems be sure to delete iap cracker or it will be detected as fake even thought it’s real money

      • Dianna Agron

        can you say something about HayDay?

    • Supa Hot Poo

      How ever there is a hack that im using for clash of clans that allows me to find the loot that i want and also it lets me attack bases i visit but the attacks arent real and your troops come right back to you search up clash of clans sandbox on youtube

    • Michael Edward

      Yes, the old version was working with the hack, but the latest version of clash of clans is little tricky

  • Juan Jose Restrepo

    works with true skate??

    • Michael Edward

      You can try true stake and see

    • Tom


  • julian

    it says it is illegally

    • Aiden Pierce

      Technically, it is. And cydia just posts that for their own protection. What you are doing is stealing from developers. But I promise the cops wont bust down your door for some extra lives on candy crush.

      • Hady Kobrossy

        I understand that it works for candy crush.. what teak are you using ?

      • sloshdog20

        you just made me laugh so hard with that xD

  • Alees

    How to use it?i don’t know

    • Michael Edward

      Search blog, I hope you would find the working trick to work with iAPCracker
      For quick tips, install app sync before this app

  • Amanda

    How do you know it’s working? I still have to put in my App Store password and everything

    • Justin

      When it asks for your password, just click cancel and it will bypass and download

      • Dianna Agron

        thanks for inform that it works

        • Sam

          Didn’t work for me

          • 47AJ98

            Try redownloading or try localIAPSstore

    • 47AJ98

      You click cancel and it will say “Thanks!”

  • Freda Hauck

    Is there any free in app purchases tweak that works with Star Wars Commander app

    • Dianna Agron

      try iAP crazy

      • Melissa Rivers

        IAP crazy doesnt work

        • Dianna Agron

          Do you have installed AppSync?

  • Harshsai

    Yeah I think it’s called tongbu
    It’s Chinese

    • Dianna Agron

      tongbu or iAP Hack?

      • 47AJ98


  • IPhonegamer

    Good works with most of apps

    • Dianna Agron

      such as???

    • Shan1221

      please tell me a hack for racing rivals v2.0 from cydia i want to get gems and money in that game for free please reply !!!!

      • riko

        Buy them or play the hard way up to top.

  • Maffew

    When trying to install, keep getting error. Asks to respring and after boot, no install.

    • 47AJ98

      With what tweak?

  • Shan1221

    Can anyone please tell me a hack for racing rivals v2.0 from cydia i want to get gems and money in that game for free please reply !!!!

    • riko

      its a simple hack, go to applestore and buy the gems and money and use them, otherwise use your brain and warm up the chair and play in hard way.,,,

      • sloshdog20

        you do realize people are here to hack… we dont need your stupid sarcasm

    • Handidbndjx

      Is there any way ?!?!?

  • Oddgnome

    Ok so make sure you don’t have some type of other in app purchase app or hack and then it should work

  • parker

    k guys so i have downloaded everything now how do i get in-app purchases

    • 47AJ98

      When you click on the “buy” button in the app, just click “Cancel” and it will say “Thank you for purchasing” or whatever it says… Good luck!

  • lola

    Doesn’t works with my iphone 5 with 8.1

  • Josh’s

    It works for some games, if the game isn’t an online game it’ll work. Online games tend to better security and bypassing is difficult.

  • Tsepten001


    • thomas

      ……… cheating for beat another person score???
      c’mon dude, you can do it better.. stupid.

      • bob

        ur a nooblette, let them do what they want

  • Raj

    Hi I want to buy free coin in teen patti so what to do pl tell

  • Firre

    Hi, i want tokens on top eleven football manager (ios)

  • Josh

    Does it word with dead trigger 2

  • Corbin

    I downloaded cydia. Do I need to do anything to get free in app purchces

  • Msmsndnsmmdns

    Does it work on the updated version of sims freeplay

  • Bill

    Does this work on japanese iOS games?

  • Sugeshaam

    where can i jailbreak free iOS of mac

  • Nadim13344

    I have iPhone 5S 8.1, iAp Cracker app crashes, and LoclIAPStore isnt working even when i click cancel, please someone help

  • JC

    Still not seeing iAP Cracker for iOS 8.1.2 on ANY repos. Uber noob apparently D:

    • Mmmmm

      Havin the same problem

  • Aryan

    IAp cracker is crashing

  • Aryan

    IAp cracker not working game is crashing

  • Rayane

    Not working + still not seeing iap cracker for ios 8….

  • Izzy Garcia

    can some plz just recreate gameplayer or gameguardian

  • dsfs

    crashing, help

  • JoshUnknow

    Download IAP Plugin Packer Too and it will work

    • Tiffany Henderson

      I tried your suggestion but it’s still not working at all. Any tips just incase I’m doing something wrong?

  • JoshUnknow

    Just it still crashes….. WHY


  • omar

    try iapcrazy

  • Ubzzy

    It’s not iap cracker…..its app crasher!!!

  • omar

    Waste of time!

  • Ubzzy


    • amir1232


  • Elif

    Hi.. i jailbroken my device and instal IAPfree but i wanna know how i do it with simsfreeplay its not working

    • lll

      Sims free play donsent work with iap cracker search online for unlimited money hack work for me!

  • wrkadri

    LocaliAPStore is working fine! You should give it a try.

    • pablomontoya

      what app are u using it with? it doesn’t do a thing on mine

      • Guest

        You need to enable it in settings. It should say “LocalIAPStore”. Click on it and switch the toggle to enable. Now you can make free in-app purchases by clicking cancel when it asks you to input your AppleID.

  • Bill

    And iapcrasher it is

  • Les

    Just redid everything and followed all the instructions on here, but whenever I try to buy anything, it crashes.

  • Bobbie Jo Dawson

    Anyone know anything that will let IAP work in the game Smurfs Village? I’ve followed this step by step to get app sync and the iap n every time I try to use it , the game just closes..

  • Jackback

    Guys try LocaliAPStore, it really works and I really recommend you guys to use it, I used it on subway surfers n it worked really well

  • hacker


  • Kenna

    How do you get it to work with SimCIty? I’ve tried the iAP as well and mother works!

    • Williams

      Look, I’ve tried localiapstore and iAPFree with the help of iapcrazy. It works

  • Garrett Jimenez

    I can’t find it in repo, did it get taken down?