3 Best Out of Best Alternatives for InstallOus iOS 8.1.1 – iOS 8.1.2

InstallOus is the app from HackulOus to install applications free cost. However now, its time to look for alternatives, because it got shut down. Its not working on iOS 8.1.2, but alternative works…

InstallOus is the most popular and famous in-app apps installer in form of ones. It allows user to install thousands in-app paid applications in simple form. The best thing is, user can install any iPA files without any issue.

The bad part is, InstallOus has been shut down for forever and it doesn’t seem to have it working again. The developer, www.hackulo.us has take down last year, 2013. But, still a thousands upon thousands users are looking for InstallOus iOS 8.1.2.

Since after HackulOus take down, A lot of rival and alternatives came in the market that claim the same functionality and features that InstallOus was providing. AppCake, vShare, AppAddict and a few others are on the top of this list. As an alternative app, one can try these jailbreak apps without any more wait.

Note 1: To install any of below InstallOus alternatives, you need to install AppSync iOS 8.1.2. Its one kind of plugin that all these app need to work properly. Without installing working App sync app, below apps won’t work. Even InstallOus was working with the support of App Sync app.

Note 2: Once you AppSync is installed, you are ready to install alternative to Install0us. Here is just a preference, you need to read full article for each app.

1 AppCake: iPhoneCake is the creator and developer of AppCake iOS 8.1.2. Its similar to InstallOus in the terms of features and apps. It has also a large database of applications that can be hard to find out any other place.

Just like Install0us, AppCake is also available for iOS 8.1.2 iDevices. You don’t need to go to www.iPhoneCake.com or anyother website to download these stuff. Just install a single app that does everything for you.

To install it, you need to add repo source and search the working iOS 8.1.2 version.

2 vShare: It is one of the top alternatives to InstallOus. The support forum is active and solve the queries and issues within a couple hours. Their apps database is too large that has many tweaks and applications.

Easy navigation and compatibility to work on every iDevices make it perfect rival for Install0us. For anyone who wanna apps, apps and tweaks should go to install vShare iOS 8.1.2.

3 AppAddict: The site www.appaddict.org claims to have new apps and tweaks every day. They updates their app database daily. One of the largest app database for iOS and MAC App Store.

User can download MAC apps and as well as iOS apps especially for iPhone and iPad Air, Mini etc. AppAddict is one of the best InstallOus alternative that has quick impressive forum support and user database.

4 Others: If you are looking paid apps at free of cost, then iAP Cracker, LocaliAPFree and iAPFree are the apps that you can try out. All of these work great on iOS 8.1.2. However, they are totally different from what Install0us was.


If I were you, I would look one of these alternatives. I would appreciate your comments and concern about Install0us iOS 8.1.2.

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