OpenAppMKT Cydia iOS 8.1.1 – iOS 8.1.2 App – Download Now

OpenAppMKT is the best iTunes alternative. It has many apps, tweaks, themes and specially games for iOS 8.2, 6.1.x and all older firmwares. Cydia installer is also available on their app store to download for free.

OpenAppMKT users, the developers of Cydia installer who have developed the package for OpenAppMkt website, are claiming that it actually works even without jailbreak. There are thousands upon thousands users who are downloading package from

So, we also tried on of them on our iPhone 5S and iPad Air with iOS 8.1.1 and iOS 8.1.1 without jailbreak them. The result was, the packages are just fake. We had downloaded the installation packages for iOS 8.1.1 and 8.1 and both packages were not working on iPhone 5S and iPad Air.

-: Download Evasi0n8 or PanGu iOS 8.0.2, 8.1, iOS 8.2 Jailbreak for Free :-

We are not saying that OpenAppMkt is fake or scam, but we are sure about those packages. We hope that the owner of OpenAppMKT will remove those fake packages from their site.

Update: The OpenAkk MKT site is not working. It seems like the site is down or they have step down and went offline. However, there is a blog from official website and that can be accessible. If you wanna ask anything, you can comment on their official blog. Open App Mkt support team is very supportive.

Update: Try this…

If you also have downloaded and installed one of them, let us know your experience…

  • Michael

    I’m constantly checking their website, but the application error comes.
    I think the site has been broken or take down by the owner
    please confirm someone

    • taptap

      I have also tried to access http://www.openappmkt but it shows application error. I have tried it using Google Chrome, Firefox and now Safari.
      It gives the same result. How can they take down like this, why its not working anymore?

  • john carl

    It was famous for Cydia, Siri, Games and custom packages, but most of the packages were broken. I think its good for us that they stopped working

  • Ramzi Belhaj

    Yah I got it before I got iOS 8.1.1 and it won’t work, I got the icon and it won’t work, saying that error or something so it was retarded. i was so pissed.
    Can some one please tell me another website to jailbreak and please comment the website, thanks for telling it was fake because I was about to go crazy why some people got it in youtube and me

  • Preston

    Btw I’m creating a new openappmkt! Duh!!!!

  • portopato

    It was great alternative for jailbreak, but unfortunately, its not working now
    how to fix it?

  • ben

    its not working, Better to jailbreak and download Cydia installer to get Siri tweaks and games as well.

    • Yo mama

      Cydia and all those apps ruin your i device or ardroid yep they are DICKS AND WILL ALWAYS WILL BE

  • caro tyler

    I’m crazy about downloading openapp mkt apps, but its not working
    how to fix it, help please

  • Goku

    Cydia is the best

  • goel

    Why there isn’t any games working on open app store ios 7?
    I tried many times on their website, but there is an annoying error says “Application error”
    I didn’t jailbreak my iPhone 5S and wanna have some fun without jailbreak using open app mkt games
    please help me

    • Hi


  • Fuckmypussy

    It’s Brocken y’all just go and do jailbreak on the coumpter

  • Kane


  • andrew mark

    The site is down since long time. It seems like they are dead

    that’s it
    we can’t download any games or apps from their website or blog

  • kyle tom

    My open app mkt doesn’t work on my ipad mini 2, it keeps on freezing and not letting me turn off ipad or go home

  • gammingkidz2

    My cydia and ifile keep showing up as free my apps if you know how to fix it please email for me to know or go to my channel and comment

  • tom

    When I run it sometimes it crashes and the times it works I click on continue to app and there is directs me to freemyapps help

  • miky


  • Silly doodlez

    Uh yah Openappmkt is frozen, broken.. but what do you mean by “here”?

  • Stan

    Where do you download cydia

  • Helper

    Openappmkt works

    watch this video

  • Mohamed

    I dowload openappmkt but is not working…

    • Helper

      What are you facing?

  • Shawhnsd

    Fuck you man

  • Sc200

    It doesn’t work

  • Mountain gurlz

    Just downloaded a game turns out it was a fake app hope someone will change it.

  • Emey

    It works, it works
    i Have iPad Air and i have download Cydia and install it at home page, can somebody tell me how to play games and install cydia tweaks without jailbreak iOS 8.1.1
    I recently upgraded to iOS 8.1.1 and now I wanna use jailbreak tweaks without jailbreaking by install Openappmkt Cydia
    please guide me someone please

    • Paul

      from where you have download open app mkt installer? it might be fake and most probably you won’t use it, it doesn’t work any more
      I’m talking about real open app mkt app

  • Jayden

    Sorry if this bad… Well, I went to above link, then download Cydia, and it got installed! Your a genius! Thanks! Cydia is an app that is so cool :)

    iPad Mini 2 iOS 8.1.1 without jailbreak
    yes without jailbreak, there is no jailbreak iOS 8.1.1

  • Sarah

    Hey friends, I heard that there is an openappmkt iFile downloadable version is available, Its just my curiousness that I wanna try it out. Please give me the link for the installer so that I can install iFile on my iPad Air. My friend is using iFile on his iPad Mini, but he is not telling me the version or installer link. Please someone tell me how to download and install iFile or any other games or apps related to it

    • Hicks

      how to install iFile web app? is there anyway to make it work?

  • Mitchel

    Men just says “under consturuction come back March 15″ but it’s march 25 today

    • Johnny

      I also noticed same notification like under maintenance and come back soon, but, when will it come back?


    But you can play flappy bird

    • Gibson


  • Reivax

    It won’t let me search anything and the version I’ve got is pro

    • Telugu

      open app MKT pro version is fake
      it won’t work open app market

  • Hey

    I know i cant find it

  • Harry

    I don’t know what to do !!!!!!!!

  • P.Dan

    it’s evasi0n and not evadi0n dear Daniel.
    Actually, Daniel is right, but because of iOS 8.1.1 jailbreak is not available, everybody is looking for to download openappmkt cydia app

  • Lily Ocardo

    Can i download open app mkt cydia app without jailbreak ios 8.1.1?
    i’m looking for ios 8.1.1 ipad mini and iphone 5s

  • Carl Benson

    I don’t think, they would come back again
    however, I heard that they are fixing the issue open app market

  • Lily Ocardo

    I tried your video, but the issue is, when I added it to the homepage, it works, however, there isn’t any app that can be download with openappmkt app
    How to use it with cydia?

  • Absinthe D

    How to add or install openappmkt installer on iPhone 5S?

    • Meer


  • Tomar

    Hey Garry, can I ask for an question? I wanna openappmkt cydia download, can I download Cydia installer on iOS iPhone 5S, if no, why everybody claim that they can add open app mkt apps and games on their home screen? Is it true?

  • Cydia Installer

    this is fake it says so on the site it is a fake cydia just for fun he acctually has a jailbreak if you dont trst me then at the website he says type cydia in the search bar then dont click on cydia 2.0 click on the other one then read.

    • Carl Ben

      There are many fake openappmkt sites out there on the web, you’re right that those sites don’t have opan app mkt installer at all

  • Victor Essien

    just tried it..even with the googled DOES NOT WORK..takes me to
    some server website saying the site has been temporary disabled due to
    it reaching its bandwidth open app market

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  • Random

    Dose not work!!!

  • Harry

    I haven’t tried so I’m going to

  • Harry

    Guys just go on openappmrk pro then try add it to your home screen

  • Harry

    I have openappmarket pro and openappmarket open app market

  • Harry

    And you can get cydia

  • Harry

    Now i can talk to you guys I’m gonna add it to my home screen