vShave Download AppVV Cracked Apps, Games – iOS 7.1.3 – 7.1.2 – 7.1.1

vShare is also known as Appvv. It allows user to install, update and delete apps. It is the most popular application among jailbreak iDevice users.

If you know InstallOus which was developed by Hackulous, vShare is also the same application that does all the things like InstallOus. Like InstallOus, vShare also has support forum called AppVV that handles all the issues raised by vShare.

vShare was working quite well on iOS 6.1.3 jailbroken iOS device, but since, iOS 7.0.4 jailbreak has been released, vShare is stopped working. The reason is simple. vShare and all the popular jailbreak applications need “AppSync iOS 7” and AppSync doesn’t work on iOS 7.

App Sync is a Cydia app plugin that is one of the must have requirement for couple of Cydia applications. We have find out the solution and now it seems like, iOS 7 AppSync is working smoothly.

Once you have installed App Sync iOS 7 as mentioned in the above tutorial, you will be able to install and install apps using vShare on iOS 7 too. User just needs to add the repo source for the app and install compatible version. That’s it.

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How to Install vShare for iOS 7

Before adding repo and installing vShare iOS 7 compatible version, I would like to clear a few things. You must have jailbroken iOS device. Second, install “AppSync iOS 7” from above given URL.

1 The first step is launch your Cydia app and tap on “Manage”. You need to add AppVV repo source and its not listed by default on Cydia sources, so, you will need to add the correct repo in order to install vShare iOS 7.

2 Tap on Sources and tap on Edit, now tap on “Add” and add below vShare repo source.


3 Once you have added above repository, tap on that repository and search “iOS 7 vShare”. Tap on “Install” from the top left corner.

4 Done


Suppose, you get any kind of issues like vShare is not working or App Sync is not working on iOS 7, don’t hesitate and either contact AppVV forum or comment below. We will be more than happy to help you out.

  • ethan

    Is it vShare iOS 7 or Appvv iOS 7 and is it work on 7.0.4? how to install it@

    • david

      Both are the same. If you wanna install vShare on iOS 7, you need to install appsync iOS 7 and without this plugin vShare won’t work
      i hope it have cleared your doubts

    • john carter

      do the following
      install cydia substrate
      install app sync iOS 7
      then install iOS 7 vshare
      it works

      • Jake

        I did and it works

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  • miky

    I wanna install appvv iOS 7, please give me correct repo source for iPad Air

  • kyle

    Hey i wanna vshare iPhone 5S version
    my friend has v share ioS 7 on his iPad air iOS 7.0.5 jailbroken

    • Jake

      it works whether you have iPad air, iPad mini or iPhone 5s

  • coda43

    why arent the in-app purchaces free?

    • Jake

      I’ve tested many paid in-app purchases for iOS 7 iPad mini, iPad air

  • PK

    vShare is not working on my iPhone, should I need to install appsync with the appvv repo?

  • Nostromos

    The ipa keeps failing to install

    • Gibbs

      do you have installed app sync? without it, AppVV won’t work properly

  • Hicks

    how to install vShare cracked apps on iPhone 5s?

  • Jacky

    Can i install cracked apps on iOS 7.1.1 without jailbreak using vShare or Appvv? please help me. I’ve iPad Mini

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  • Bob

    I have downloaded Vshare although i have not found out how to actually get free in app purchases using this download.

    Can anyone help or relate

  • steve

    I have vshare on ios 7.1.2 but every download i click on, i get Netork broken. Please try to resume or redo…

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  • Dianna Agron

    How to download vShare iOS 8?
    Actually, I recently upgraded iOS 7.1.2

  • https://plus.google.com/u/0/118440554161769619942?rel=author Ryan William

    vShare repo source. So you quite clearly DID claim that you can only use it to text people, cracked apps iPhone and only people sitting next to you. BOTH parts of that are wrong.

    iPad Download v Share install cracked tweaks, games hack ‘2ndly, the article states, as did you, that this only works within a 30 foot radius and not “You can text ANYONE in the network which can be ANY size”‘ vShare download

    The only reason you don’t think this article says vShare install iPhone apps that the network can be any size is that you fail at reading comprehension. Each link in the network has to be within 30 vShare alternatives feet of each other, but the network itself can be vShare source of cracked apps of any size. THAT’S THE POINT. That’s why it’s disruptive, that’s why it’s such a big feature, hence the article.

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